The use of an air exchanger is now mandatory in new constructions, according to the Energy Efficiency Regulation, because they are so well insulated that it prevents the natural renewal of the air, thus trapping moisture and pollutants inside the house.



Habitec air exchanger

Installation or renewal of the air exchanger

For the same reason, home insulation work should be accompanied by the installation or renewal of the air exchanger.

Ideally, the air exchanger should control the change of air in all rooms of the house. In particular for the air of the rooms, which are closed rooms where we spend several consecutive hours every day.


Which air exchanger can I have installed?

There are 2 main types of air exchanger: heat recovery and energy recovery.

Heat recovery air exchanger (HRV)

It has a heat recovery core which transfers a good part of the heat from the exhausted stale air to the fresh air that it draws outside the house. So stale air and fresh air are not mixed

The energy recovery air exchanger (ERV)

In addition to recovering heat just like the HRV, it also recovers the energy contained in ambient humidity. It limits, if necessary, the amount of humidity entering the house and thus makes it possible to maintain a constant humidity level in the house all year round. It also saves on heating and cooling costs while improving the efficiency of these systems, hence its name.
“Energy recuperator”.

Habitec-Hepa-250 Filter

Filtration is one of the best ways to deal with microscopic aggressors. The HEPA 250 air filtration system is an effective solution that removes harmful particles and cleans the air in your home so that you can breathe with peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Central humidifier

Humidifiers are devices that allow the air to be humidified in order to provide comfort to the inhabitants of buildings. Central heating system humidifiers are fixedly connected to the plumbing and to the warm air heating system of the dwelling.


In both summer and winter, your air conditioning and heating system works at full capacity to provide you with the comfort you want and while this may be sufficient for room comfort, the air quality may be suffering without you knowing it. .

Filter Lamps

The effectiveness of the UV lamp installed in the ventilation system stops the virus which, in a volatile manner, enters the ventilation system by circulating air. This technology cannot destroy the virus that remains on surfaces transmitted by air through large droplets.

Furnace filter

Antimicrobial captures dust comma pollen, mold spores, animal dander comma smog and dust mite debris.


Improved air quality for a long time. Better system efficiency (Static pressure). Cost effective and usable as a high efficiency pre filter and final filter. Efficiency according to ASHRAE 52.2 (MERV !!) UL class 2.


MERV 3 Means the filter can stop 90% of particles larger than one micron and 75% of particles of 0.3 micron. This includes, among others:

Bacteria – Wood smoke particles – Legionella
Sneezing Aerosols – Pollen
Skin dandruff – Mites
Pet squasms




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