At Habitec we believe that part of total home comfort is having an uninterrupted power supply. With a GENERAC whole home back up generator you get just that. Whether you choose a portable unit or a fixed standby unit, a Habitec electrician will deliver the unit and install all the required electrical hardware for safe and easy use.


Surprise yourself and send your municipal water for a test. You will be amazed and what types of contaminants and heavy metals are detected. A proper filtration system is not just about better taste, its about your health.

Want a back up power supply without the expense. A portable generator will keep the lights on during those prolonged power outages.

With municipal, provincial, and even federal levels of government banning the use of wood burning stoves, when the power goes out most homes are left cold and in the dark. In most of Canada this can lead to frozen pipes, causing thousands in flood damage during the winter months.

Beyond comfort though, with the increasing number of people who work from home, and that number only expected to rise. Many employers are reducing their office space and turning the space they do keep, into meeting rooms and community offices.  Many people can not afford to lose a day of work. In some cases, the lost income of one or more days without power could cover the cost of installing back up power.

When you install a GENERAC back up unit you are guaranteed top quality and premium engineering with the lowest runtime maintenance costs in the industry and the feeling of never being powerless again.




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