Water filtration may not seem like something that is necessary when we live in a modern world, with potable drinking water delivered right to our tap from municipal treatment centers. It is however well worth considering. With A PURE H2O filtration system from Habitec your water will taste as though you pulled it from a spring in the French Alps.


Surprise yourself and send your municipal water for a test. You will be amazed and what types of contaminants and heavy metals are detected. A proper filtration system is not just about better taste, its about your health.

Prior to any installation a water sample is taken and fully evaluated for a full range of chemicals and contaminants. This test allows for the implementation of a system that is tailor made to give you the purest water that you will have ever tasted.

If you enjoy carbonated water regularly, there are elements that can be installed that will permit your carbonated water to be delivered to your glass directly from the tap. With one tank our system can carbonate 1500L of water, one glass at a time, always fresh.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to eliminate laundry detergent? The answer is yes, with Activo Lessive you will never need to add laundry soap to the shopping list again. With a small amount of electricity this revolutionary machine transforms regular tap water into a powerful oxygenated cleaning agent. Doing laundry ecologically, while saving money, that is the Habitec way.




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