At Habitec our focus is the relationship with our clients and the uncompromised comfort of their home. When it comes to the purchase of any major appliance confidence is paramount. With Habitec our clients are offered full turnkey solutions for all their home comfort needs. With all elements of a Habitec installation done in house, our clients can rest easy knowing that from start to finish their satisfaction is our top priority.


Heating uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home, typically making up about 65% of your annual energy consumption. A heat pump can heat your home for a fraction of the cost of using gas, electric or oil heat. Whether your home already has a central infrastructure or not, our team of home comfort specialists will find the best

Home Automation

Whether you are new to home automation or a seasoned veteran, Habitec has products to cover all your needs whether its Homekit, Google Home or Z-wave., we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the magnitude of your project we have everything to fully control your home from the palm of your hand with only one application. From Light switches and plugs to smoke and CO2 detectors a smart home can do more for you than you think, it could even save your life.

Water Filtration

Habitec offers a complete line Pure H2O of water treatment products. Whether it is to achieve a level of water that is potable or to have a quality resembling spring water of the French Alps, our home comfort specialists can match our products to give you an impeccable water quality and taste. With more and more boil advisories across more municipalities water quality is a home feature that needs to be taken seriously.


Insulating the ceiling of your home is essential. A home with superior insulation can save up to twenty percent on their energy consumption, leading to reduced bills. Depending on when a home was built, it current insulation may contain contaminants that should be removed. At Habitec we don’t take your health lightly. We will remove any contaminants and start over from the beginning to ensure your home is safe and efficient.


A generator may seem like a luxury for most homeowners, however in an ever changing world where the weather never stops sending surprises our way they are becoming the new normal. With more people working from home and that number only expected to rise in the coming years. The question about back up power is becoming more serious; in some cases a few days of lost income could pay for an installation.
Having begun as an HVAC company Habitec has grown to encompass all the home comfort features that we typically don’t think about, until we no longer have them. Our HVAC products will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter. A very simple and cost effective way to save on energy costs is with premium insulation in the attic. With all of our central HAVC units offering smart home connectivity, Habitec offers a complete line of home automation gadgets that work on the most popular smart home platforms. Habitec’s full line of water filtration and water treatment products will remove all undesired tastes, odors and long term dangers. If your home is plagued by power failures, Habitec has partnered with Generac to offer their full line of standby and portable generators to keeps your home running while your power is out.





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